The Q Code

The Q Code (Q Abbreviations)

QAV - I am calling
QCM - There seems to defect in your transmission
QIF - .... (calling station) is using ... (frequency)
QRA - The name of my station is ...
QRB - The distance between our station is ...
QRG - Your exact frequency in khz is ...
QRH - Your frequency varies
QRI - Your note varies
QRJ - Your signals are very weak
QRK - The intelligibility of your signal is (1 to 5)
QRL - I am busy
QRM - There is interference
QRN - I am being troubled by atmopheric noise
QRO - Increase power
QRP - Reduce power
QRQ - Send faster ( ... words per minute)
QRR - I am ready for automatic operation
QRS - Send more slowly ( ... words per minute)
QRT - Stop sending / close down
QRU - I have nothing for you
QRV - I am ready
QRW - Please tell ... that I am calling him
QRX - I will call you again
QRY - Your turn is ... (number etc)
QRZ - You are being called by ...
QSA - The strength of your signal is ... (S1-S9)
QSB - Your signal is fading
QSD - Your keying is defective
QSI - I have been unable to break in on your transmission
QSK - I can hear between my signals (ie. I am using break-in)
QSL - I give you acknowledgement of receipt
QSM - Repeat the last message
QSN - I did hear you on ...
QSO - I can communicate with ... direct
QSP - I will relay to ...
QSR - Repeat your call on the calling frequency
QSS - I will use the working frequency ... khz
QSU - Reply on this frequency (or on ... khz)
QSV - Please send a series of "V's"
QSX - I am listening to ... (call) on ... (khz)
QSY - Move to .... khz
QSZ - Send each word or group twice
QTH - My location is .....
QTR - The exact time is .....

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