Antenna 2M MOXON

Here is some data on a 2M vertical polarized antenna I 'm going to built this week. I'm not sure about the gain but the front to back ratio is very good and
conforms to the model. But feed back from other ham that this kind of moxon is better taht 3 element yagi.

The antenna is made out of 1/2" PVC and #6 copper ground wire.

Antenna pattern - Blue trace is the design @ 146 Mhz and Red trace is at the
upper limit of 148 Mhz.


Zamri bin Ahmad said...

antenna patern dan graph ni lukis pakai program apa?

9W2WZY said...

moxon ada dia nyer program...
tuk kira panjnag dan jenis wire pastu dia leh print sekali..

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